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The future of finance brought together on CFTE’s platform

Our participants come from the major finance hubs such as London, Singapore, Hong Kong and New York, but also dozens of other countries, both in developed economies and emerging markets.

Thanks to this global network, our graduates understand the global trends in Fintech and can discuss regional specificities with their fellow participants. 

World map Around Fintech in 8 Hours

What are the profiles of our learners? Much more diverse than traditional finance

The changes happening in Finance create new career paths. They also bring opportunities to different kinds of profiles.

The learners of Around Fintech in 8 hours represent this new diversity coming into Finance 2.0

Get to know some of our first graduates
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What our learners think of the course

Building a global network fostering local communities

Part of our mission is to give our participants the right network to improve their career opportunities. More than an online community we are attached to organise local meetups to gather our alumnis.

Join the growing community of Around Fintech in 8 hours

Next session is starting 12th February.


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